(A-Z) Kestrel

Although apparently in decline in this country it is still the commonest bird of prey, and I certainly the one I see most of. On my commute to work I usually see at least one, if not more. Yesterday I saw one hovering next to a tree on my way in, and saw one havering by the same tree on my way home! Presumably the same one!?

There is also one I see from my living room window regularly. The meadows in front are obviously great hunting ground, and the lampposts good perches for observation.

I was able to watch one this morning for about 20mins, switching back and forth across the meadows. The amazing ability to hover by flying into the wind always impresses me and makes it wonderful to watch. As it starts to travel further and further away it is always sad when it fades from sight. Yet I feel privileged to have watched it for a while, however regularly!

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3 Responses to (A-Z) Kestrel

  1. craig says:

    did you take this photo? i would like to use it if so, is there a way to use this.. its a great photo.

  2. cHramm says:

    I wish!!! I don’t have the skill or the temperament to take such a good photo!! Which is a good point, I probably should reference where I get the pictures from, shouldn’t I. I just do a google images search. I think this one is here…

  3. 9001 says:

    wtf stupid birds

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