(A-Z) Jay

Still at Ynys-hir and wherever you are in the woodland, every 10mins or so there is some kind of kerfuffle high up in the trees. The first time it happened whilst I was still in the car-park I looked up and saw a big bird in silhouette and thought it might be a sparrowhawk with all the fuss it was causing, but then when I saw a further 3 or 4 of them following I recognised them as Jays.

There were about 10 of them in this mob that seemed to move around the woodland all afternoon and I saw them often. A very charismatic bird, bold and balshy but colourful and delightful to see.  Not dissimilar in character to a magpie, but less sinister looking due to the colours.

Whilst I was cycling in Spain last summer we left our lunch unattended for a few moments, whilst by a mountain stream, and it was soon attended by a mob of about 30 jays. Even when we came back one or two would come right onto the table to steal a bit of bread.

They were abundant when I lived in the South East, but not so common up here in The Midlands. A few weeks ago my Mum claims to have seen one whilst we were out on a walk, but I didn’t.


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