(A-Z) Jackdaw

I am pretty sure I see jackdaws everyday. There is a rook/jackdaw roost in the fields close to my house, and so if I am ever out in the evening I can hear them. Most are rooks, and it is just difficult to tell as the fly over each evening, which are jackdaws. I read somewhere that a jackdaws are more defined than crows and rooks, which seem to have fingers on the end. They are also usually in pairs. That said, I hadn’t been able to see close enough to be sure, and even when I went out to the roost to look it is just a bit too far from the road to see clearly enough.

I am sure, however, that it was a jackdaw that I saw today. Two, in fact. They were poking around and jumping up and down from a cow-trough. They always look so mean and devious. All corvids have this about them, but where crows and rooks have a sense of foreboding, the jackdaw is too nimble and quick to be sinister. Instead their piercing eyes and sharp beak just make them totally untrustworthy! Black, with less iridescence than other black birds I think, and stunning but not quite beautiful. They look too devious to be beautiful!


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