(A-Z) Blackcap

If I am honest, it was seeing this, shortly after the blackbird that gave me the idea in the first place.  I would not have expected to see one so early in he year, although I know more and more are wintering here now.

I was sitting, having breakfast, watching the blackbirds fight, when a plump, fluffed up little thing appeared on the bird table.  I grabbed my binoculars and immediately recognised his beige back and black cap, although he was much plumper and fluffier than I had ever seen a blackcap before.  I watched for a while as he had his breakfast and then when he flitted over to bushes I was in no doubt;  the way he hung on sideways to a branch sticking out, worked his way to the top and then took off into some nearby trees.

What a treat.  He is not going to know what hit him when the rest arrive in a few weeks!

All fluffy and plump!

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